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UK Government To Collapse More Than 551 Website

The UK Government announced last week that they are to collapse more than 551 (out of 951) government websites.  The move has been made to make accessing information easier for both businesses and citizens.  Will this have a positive effect on the way their content management sites are used?

Government websites are based on web content management software.  Their decision to collapse so many .gov websites may have a very positive impact on the way content management sites are used.  As mentioned in my previous post (The Importance of Web Content Management Software), web content management software primarily allows a shared service, it allows multiple users to work together and communicate with the same audience from one entire system.

By taking all of the information from all of the collapsed sites and putting it into two places: (For citizens) and (For businesses) it will truly ensure a shared content management system.  Users will be able to visit one website and know they can find what they are looking for at that site.

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