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Yahoo’s New Shopping Cart Icon Announced

Following in the footsteps of Google, Yahoo announced yesterday a partnership with ebay in which the sponsored search results will feature a small blue shopping cart icon.  The shopping cart icon is in place to notify shoppers of those merchants that accept PayPal Express Checkout as a form of payment.

“Yahoo’s new search marketing platform delivers consumers more relevant search results, and now, with the shopping cart icon, a clear and simple path to making purchases,” Rich Riley, Sr. vice president, Online Channel & Small Business Services, Yahoo! Inc. said in a written statement.

According to Yahoo, the new shopping cart icon will help extend the company’s new search marketing platform launched Feb. 5 in the US, referred to as Project Panama.

So here’s how the new shopping cart model works; merchants’ search listings on Yahoo will be enhanced with the blue shopping cart icon, pointing consumers to a bright orange button on the merchants’ checkout page, which links the consumer to the path to complete purchases using PayPal Express.

This has come sometime after Google announced the same principal.  The only difference being that Google’s shopping cart icons notify shoppers about merchants that offer the google checkout, not PayPal Express Checkout.

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