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Wikipedia - Top For Online News

Wikipedia continues to grow, with the online encyclopedia recieving around 20 million more vistors per month, than it did 12 months ago.

As reported by Nielsen/ Netratings, Wikipedia had 46.8 million unique visitors in May 2007.  This is a huge 72% increase compared to June 2006.

Research carried out ealier this year also found that 36% of online users in the US consult Wikipedia on a regular basis.

While Wikipedia is often criticised for the imprecision of its articles -  “the truly remarkable thing about Wikipedia as a news site is that it works as well as it does.” (Why Wikipedia Works- Center for Citizen Media)  It’s chaotic - but it just works!

This tremendous growth in the past year has made the open-access website the most popular news source online.  The speed at which the news items are added, edited and expanded no doubt plays a part in its popularity.

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