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PHP Tutorial - Creating an Online Survey

Find out how to create an online survey using PHP…

Online surveys are very handy for gathering information about your customers.

  • Were they satisfied with your service?
  • How could you improve their shopping experience?
  • How satisfied were they with the speed of your technical support?

Questions like these can help you to learn more about your target customer and improve your website to meet their needs.  Survey’s can also encourage repeat custom (especially if you offer a free gift or voucher for taking part). have posted a tutorial showing you how to create an online survey using PHP for your website.  The tutorial shows you how to create a simple 12 question format where the recipient answers: Very-Dissatisfied | Dissatisfied | Satisfied | Very Satisfied | Neutral.

The tutorial shows you how to handle the replies in two ways - you can either email the results out to an address or store the received information in a database.  The first part addresses the former, and the second part (yet to be posted) will address how to store the receive information in a database for later review.

A helpful article if wanted to give this a go yourself!  We’ll let you know when the second part comes out.

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