Customization Policy

Our team of dedicated specialists are proud to offer you our custom services. Being the developers of ViArt shop, we know it inside and out. You can rely on the extensive experience of our staff in tailoring the standard shop features to the specific needs of your business.

Before ordering custom development project please read our custom development policy carefully:

  1. 1. Each project is quoted on an individual basis taking into account client’s requirements, anticipated complexity, preferable deadline and peculiarities of the work requested.

  2. A project is paid on the 100% prepayment basis and is assigned to a programmer only after we receive money on our account.

  3. We usually try to estimate custom development project on a fixed price basis, however if we need more time than it was estimated, we may ask you to submit extra as per the normal billing rates.

  4. If we consider the enhancement valuable for our shop we reserve the right to include the feature to our standard version. In this case the cost of the project is quoted less.

  5. The project’s deadline is confirmed only after receiving money and upon agreement with the programmer (taking into account his workload). In case, a client wants to set a higher priority to the project we can suggest him to submit extra 50% to the cost of the project. Upon client’s approval we discuss the deadline with the programmer and offer the nearest possible date.

  6. The deadline for a project can be changed due to the below reasons:

  7. a) A programmer has a large workload and there are some urgent tasks to complete.

  8. b) We did not receive all the details for the project from a client (screenshots, technical documentation, account details, etc.)

  9. c) A client delays answers if support team or programmer have some questions or need clarification on the project.

  10. According to our Money Back Guarantee Policy, the payment for Custom Development project is not refunded when the project is completed. In case a client wants any modifications or adjustments, he sends his comments to and we discuss them further with a programmer and a client.

  11. We accept client’s comments on the customization within 10 working days since customization is completed and appropriate support request is sent to the client. After this period all amendments a client may want us to implement will be charged extra.

  12. If a client orders any customization service he is required to provide a valid FTP and Administrative access to his site, in some cases he also needs to give us an SSH access or an access to his DB.

  13. When a project is done, we add it to either a test site or directly to a live site of a client. Alternatively, we can send the updated files to a client and he uploads the changes by himself. However, in this case we do not guarantee that everything will work properly as we may unaware of individual settings or modification on the site.

  14. If you share the cost for customization with fellow users, you automatically agree to such terms:
    1. 1. Feature is released only in the new version where it becomes available to all users.
    2. 2. No refunds.
    3. 3. ViArt has a right to modify the feature to make it more universal for all users or postpone its release.

    In other words you contribute to the feature development and we try to develop it according to your needs but we develop it on our own terms and how we see it fit best.

Please, keep in mind that custom development modifications will make the upgrading process to latest versions of ViArt Shop more complex in comparison with standard versions.

Thank you in advance for considering our customization service.

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