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Viart Helpdesk

Content Management System
ViArt Help Desk
Help Desk Support System
Online Help Centre for Exchanging Open Messages
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ViArt HelpDesk is a software solution devoted to make relationships with your customers as smooth as possible. It enables end-users to submit support tickets via an online form or through email; at the same time, reps given by your staff via the system are sent as emails as well automatically.

HelpDesk facilitates the whole process of ticket managing: you can easily track all incoming support requests, view ticket history and even use predefined replies. The system supports both multiple departments and managers enabling you to re-assign certain requests to managers responsible for certain problems or supported products. Setting up different customer ranks and ticket priorities allows distinguishing more urgent problems and thus ensures their faster solutions. Comprehensive search and overall statistics are available.

Key features include:
Comprehensive tickets management engine
100% web-based solution
Unlimited number of support tickets
All support tickets are stored in database
Complete change history of tickets is maintained
Emails sent to HelpDesk are converted into support tickets and visa versa automatically
Comprehensive tickets search engine
Ability to create a message to a customer without an initial request
Unlimited number of departments
Unlimited number of managers
Ability to assign managers to different departments
Ability to reassign tickets to other managers
E-mail notifications for both manager and customer
Ability to use special tags in email body and email subject
Ability to use predefined replies and signatures
Ability to specify supported products
Customizable ticket types and statuses
Ability to specify status icon and highlight ticket summary with HTML tags
Three levels of ticket priority: high, normal and low
Ability to add common tickets into the Knowledge Base
Ability to use attachments
Image validation to prevent robots submit
Overall statistics