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How to make a Personal system work with call centre orders without requesting credit card details

1. Create an empty file (you can use Notepad for this) and save it like: money_order.php.
2. Put this file to the 'payments' folder of your shop.
3. Go to Administration > Orders > Payment System, select Personal Payment system and click the 'Edit System' link.
4. Specify 'order_confirmation.php' in the Payment URL.
5. Go to the Advanced Parameters Section, tick off 'Is Advanced' option and specify 'payments/money_order.php' in both 'Advanced Library' and 'Advanced URL' fields.
6. Scroll the page up and tick off 'Use for Call Center' option.
7. Save the changes by pressing the 'Update' button.
8. Now go to Call Centre Orders and create a test order.