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Viart can you please add to your shipping methods another which will give us another option to set up shipping how a seller would like to set it.
This would be a "product type" shipping method.
Depending on what product type a product is, you can set parameters for the shipping for each type.
ie small beauty items can have $5 set as the shipping cost for the first item.
then large beauty items can have a $10 price set, etc.
1) this method must also allow for additional items, ie cost of FIRST item, then cost of ADDITIONAL items.
2) this method must also allow for prioritising of the FIRST cost - ie take the heaviest rate as the first cost, then everything else is the basic additional rate.
for example. if a buyer buys a stool, a pair of jeans and a lipstick. The first rates for each item will be prioritised into order of highest rate to lowest rate, and the FIRST rate will ALWAYS be the highest rate. After that, it doesn't matter as each other item will only add it's ADDITIONAL rate to the total.
This models off ebay current;y where you can set each item's shipping price and additional shipping price if you have more than one item.
I don't particularly want to weigh everything when i can tell from a glance how much roughly one item will cost to send, and how much roughly another item will add to that. Therefore, weighing items and relying on the weight method is not ideal for me and adds to the work of listing.
It is much simpler to set up a global set up in product types, this type of item will cost this much for the first item and this much for the second or more item. The prioritising of the first rate against other first rates in a combined order can be set as highest to lowest.
This would make things so much easier and work in line with how i currently organise my shipping rates! :)
It also helps when describing in the shipping information pages how much each particular type of item will cost to ship or add to the shipping cost. such as a shipping chart. Most people calculate their order based on this, not weight - and they won't even know how much an item weighs, especially if a seller doesnt want to add weights to the product detail page.
I really would love to see this implemented in viart. and it doesn't seem too difficult in theory, especially as a lot of customisable things are very similar to what i am asking, already in viart settings.
Look forward to seeing it implemented! thanks.
General question to other forum users:
Is there anyone who would use this style of shipping set up (1st & 2nd+ rate shipping cost by product type, prioritising multiple item costs) and would be willing to contribute funds towards implementation? Currently an approximation of $400 to add.
I am only looking for comments from SERIOUS people interested in having this type of shipping method added and willing to contribute to the cost.