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Im stuck on these few css classes and it would be great if someone can point me in the right direction.
1)Highlights text
3)"You Save" price
4)Product Description
5)Text within cart box
6)Poll box text
7)Products Top View block - numbers and quantity numbers
Many thanks in advanceGood
Ibn Saeed
Ibn Saeed
What do you mean by "Highlights text"?
2) Price
CSS Class = priceBlock
3). If Price is Striked Out in case you are applying a discount
CSS Class= priceBlockOld
4). You Save Price
CSS Class= priceSaveBlock
5)Product Description
"tr, td {... }". Dont apply any change to this class as it will effect other parts as well. So you'll have to apply a new class to the Column.
6) Text within cart box
If you are talking about the products name, quantity and price being displayed. Then its the same "tr, td {... }" as above. So better use a new class.
7).Poll box text
I am not using a poll right now. So cant help you there.
8). Products Top View block - numbers and quantity numbers
CSS Class = top and top10 (This is for the Names)
CSS Class = "tr, td {... }" (This is for the quantity and numbers.
So youll have to apply a new class so that it does not interfere.
I hope that covers it all
Cheers Ibn, that helps a lot Broad grin
With regards to the Highlights text - I mean when you view a product on the right hand side is "Highlights", you add these 'highlights' when adding the product description.
Ibn Saeed
Ibn Saeed
Yes, I did recal the highlights text after i posted my reply.
The reason being that i had disabled it from appearing on my site.
9) Highlights text
CSS Class= "tr, td {... }" . Better you create a new class specifically for highlights
If i could disable it then that would be better. Did you just delete it from the template or is it a setting ive missed?
Ibn Saeed
Ibn Saeed
I had deleted it from the html file for the template design, i did not need the highlights text or the box. It was just a template design requirement.