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What our clients say

“Packed with numerous features, ViART carts make it easy to integrate mechanisms for various payment processors, discounts, reviews, and ratings. And, with responsive designs and powerful security safeguards, ViART’s solutions allow merchants to convert customers anywhere and on any device.”
Sean Garrity, HostingAdvice.com
“I have been using the Viart Shopping Cart since 2009 and consider it the most complete and customizable cart available. Each upgrade since Version 3 was an improvement and easy to upgrade my existing website.

The responsive Version 5 is outstanding. Easy to update Version 4 to a Responsive, Error Free and Fast Website.

I don't think you can find a better shopping cart with better customer support.”
Andy Safko Four Leaf Clover
“I wanted to let you know how well our new website and Retail Center are working. We are processing a large number of orders daily, and the volume of orders appears to be increasing nicely as we approach the holiday period.

I am very pleased with the system, and when I look at the total product, I see many hours of teamwork put into the project. Your folks have done a very good job for our company. I really appreciate all your help and support throughout the undertaking.”
Dale, Claxton Bakery, Inc.
“Just over a year with you guys, and it is has been incredibly successful - We literally quadrupled our online orders from the same time frame a year ago. Thank you very much for your service, you all do a fantastic job and any questions I have had you guys have been on top of. Good stuff.

Will continue to recommend you guys to others, good work.”
Alex, Caviarexpress.com
“We use ViArt for a bunch of our websites and it's been a pleasure to use. I have to say special thanks to Vera, who has been fantastic when it comes to support. Highly recommended.”
Daniel, Web Developer at algeos.com
“I can't tell you enough how happy I am with your product and support. I am amazed by the number of new features of 3.3.1 compared to 2.7. You have developed a truly impressive cms/webshop system and it's really enjoyable to develop our new website, ebookreaders.nl.”
Yours, Wiebe, Ereaders
“When I was looking for a new cart to upgrade from the one I started with for my shop, I did not know then how excellent VIART would become and what a good decision it would be to move to it.

Thank you, then, for excellent support also.”
Chris, Malikstores.co.uk
“I was recently converted to your product from a series of horrible experiences with osCommerce based shopping carts, and I have to write and praise you all heavily.

PLEASE pass along to your team, sales folks, engineers, everyone, that I am incredibly impressed with your product. In only a few days, I have made huge strides in getting the new http://edsets.com/ shopping cart off the ground and hope it will be a shining example of how good your cart is when I'm finished and go live with it. I offer it as a live store for your site.

It was rough when I was trying out the free version, due to my inexperience, but I learn quickly, and it took all of a couple of hours to buy the new one and get it installed on my host's server and start working with it. Your sales team even refunded my 25.00 install fee rather than having a party with it as I suggested!

I have a lot of work to do to resize and uniformly display all my images, and finalize the shipping modules and test it all out, but so far, everything in your admin site has worked flawlessly, reliably and made quick work of this.

I just uploaded a bunch of products using a spreadsheet in csv format and it worked flawlessly and effortlessly, even importing the product options. A real timesaver and again, everything I've used on your tool has worked the way you imagine it to work in your wildest fantasy! So I'm a happy camper.

Time for a nap now, but you folks and Viart ROCK AND ROLL, and have won over a fanatically enthusiastic customer. I'd be happy to help sell your product in the US any way I can. I definitely am an evangelist for it.”
Ed, EdSets
“You people a very good job. I have to say that working with viart for my company is probably the best choise yet. THANKS.”
Jeroen, Zelfstandigthuis.nl
“We want to give a big thank you to the whole team especially Vera who has been such a help in getting things moving. After some configuration work our site is now working great in 7 languages and this all on the free version of the ViArt Shop.
After using other ecommerce systems I have to say this is the best one yet - easy CMS system allows changes to the site even with little experience in databases, html and php!
We can highly recommend this shopping cart to everyone! Affiliate system is a great bonus and even that is for free!”
Love you guys you are great!, www.lovecustomart.com
“I just wanted to say that the ability to change styles and frames from within the CMS system is AWESOME! I'm extremely happy to have this product. I have been with ViArt since 2007 I believe, and the features that keep coming are awesome! I will admit, that sometimes a feature needs modified in order to suit ones needs, but it's hard to come out with something that works out of the box for everyone exactly the way they need it. With most of the features (90%+) they work for me without any modifications. Either way, I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate all of your work and thought processes that go into the cart! As I'm rebuilding my sites, I've been really impressed this time around with how flexible the new CMS is!”
“Thank you so much for the amazing service and product that you provide. I have spent many years behind a computer designing websites and have never been able to find a product that works like yours! The features that you include are fantastic and they just keep getting better. When it comes to customer service, your company is outstanding. This product is easy to use and has benefited our company in many ways. Once again I would like to thank you ViArt for the great product and services!”
Keep up the great work, MrKustom.com
“I would like to say that I think you are a great company, with fantastic technology and excellent customer service and you do a great job!”
Regards, Mark, Healthcontinuity.com
“I have spent years looking for website software — ecommerce and cms — and you company and software seem to be the best i have found.

You all have a great product and equally fine customer service, in an age where both seem to be disappearing; keep up the good work.”
“We are actually a design house that customizes solutions such as yours for our clients. We have been happy using your product and with the customer service you have provided. So much so that we are using it as our primary e-commerce engine.”
Daniel, Web Puppies
“You have a great product! I used it now on 3 web sites (the other 2 implementations are much simpler), and everyone who uses it is more than pleased.

Thank you for making a product that's so easy to install & customize. You made one web designer's life much easier.”
Silvia, Jadeconcept.com Design
“Looks great and fast work. You really have a great system here. It is just as smooth as silk. Thank you again for your excellent work and product!.”

“I have been waiting years to be able to actually control the cosmetics of the category tree and it has finally happened. Thank you SOOOO much. You guys/gals ROCK!”
Jason, ShoreConnection.com.
“That worked just fine. Thanks for your help. And the new version is wonderful. Glad to see you continuously adding new features.
Viart is without question one of the easiest and best shopping cart program I've worked with and priced very attractively!”
“WOW!! I have searched for a product like this. Professional templates right out of the box, many features not found in other products, great price. But my favourite part of this whole experience has been the excellent support I have received from the team… custom design at a very reasonable cost, putting up with my limitless requests, Answering my questions.
Everything was done is a timely and very respectful manner!! I have been telling everyone about the product and the team! Thanks again!!”

“The support you guys provide is second to none. This is a BIG THANK YOU for being: very responsive; polite and knowledgeable. You provide an excellent service, incredible value for money, and the way you do things is better than many of the large blue-chip companies I have worked with! THANK YOU!.”
Beate, Galax-e of Stars Ltd.

“To all concerned, Thank you all very much for your help and assistance. I love your software and the help to setup has been great. I have a couple of customers waiting to see how my site looks and they will then most likely move to your program. Anyway, just like to say thanks for a wonderful program.”
Wayne, A2Z Scraplets
“On behalf of Easy As My PC, Inc., I'd like to thank you and your team - both for developing an excellent product, as well as for providing great implementation support after our purchase. The ecommerce engine you have developed is truly robust and the content management system means that we are able to update content without an IT staff on retainer, which is a huge cost savings.”

You have been quick to address questions, and your solutions are exceeding our expectations. So, again, thank you!”
Rich, Easy As My PC, Inc.
“We use the Viart Enterprise system for 2 years now. We are pleased with the excellent multisite feature, that works in a 3 shops system, and by this have a centralised admin with an easy-to-handle stock system, what can be updated in 2 minutes from our ERP software. Our customers in Hungary say: "This is a user friendly webshop: we can find the products in seconds, see the stock information, and the ordering process is easy for a non-tech person too!"”

We also pay attention to get the maximum from the state of the art SEO capabilities, like custom ALT, Title, Description, Keyword tags and friendly URLs. This shop have all things to start. If You have an advanced people You can get the most from the system: the result is far better than in any other ecommerce systems - including free and high-price solutions too!”
Bests, Laszlo, Rodemikrofon.hu
“Seasons' Greetings! I thought I'd send you this note of thanks for your excellent product Viart shopping cart. I especially appreciate Viart customer support staff in responding to our questions in a timely manner and for the custom design work done for Goporta site.”

It's been since 2006 we've been using Viart starting with version 2.09. The upgrades since then have greatly enhance the all performance of the shopping cart.”
Tony, Goporta.com
“Thank you the the chance to test run your products. I was so pleased with your software that I purchased it, along with your hosting service, before the end of my 30 day test trial.”

I have been searching for more than a year to find a quality e-commerce solution and I am thrilled that I came across your software a couple of months ago. Thanks again for a great product and support!.”
Yours, Bill
“You guys amaze me year after year. I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT AND AND AND SUPPORT!!! As always... Best support team ever!!!!!!.”
“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!! You guys have been so wonderful. I could barely get a response from my old software provider. I'm soooooooooooooooo happy that I went with Viart! I wish I would have found it before I wasted about $1200 bucks on other software products! I've been successfully using it now for over 2 months and it's made my life sooooooo much easier. I find new things everyday that the software can handle, whether I'm looking up user activity, restoring download links, adding products, or managing my merchants.”

It's so nice to have someone who stands behind their product and offers the same quality of service as I do.Thanks again!!”
Yours, Wende
I just love using Viart shop not just because it is great software but also the service is so helpful when needed.
Best wishes, Chris, http://afrocaribbean.eu/
“I have never seen so many features for such a low price! This PHP shopping cart is the best in its class :-P”
“I want to thank the entire Viart development team for creating one of the most flexible and powerful carts in the industry. Your software solutions are excellent, the development team is superb, support is fantastic, and customer service (Vera) is simply amazing. Over the past year I paid for many customizations and all have been delivered within the time needed and some have even made it into the latest release. I have researched the industry and there is not another product that can provide such an amazing level of flexibility at such a fantastic price! Happy holidays and I wish all of you continued success in the years to come.”
Sincerely, David Maislin, Chief Information Officer, yurbuds.com