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Custom Work

How it works:
  • Send a request to our support team outlining details of the project.
  • Create a specification for each task.
  • Specify agreed cost in the "Price" field and proceed to payment.

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Terms and Conditions:
Free Shipping

Our team of dedicated specialists is proud to offer you our custom work services. Being the developers of ViArt Shop, we know it inside and out. You can rely on the extensive experience of our staff in tailoring the standard shop features to the specific needs of your business.

Program a new feature, change current logic, create a new layout, integrate a new payment or shipping system - all is possible.

Remember the more details you provide in specification document, the more precise new feature will work and more quickly it will be to program, making custom work easier and price lower.


  • Customization price should be discussed with support operators.
  • All quotes are based on the rate $50/hour.
  • Each customization project is to be paid up-front unless otherwise agreed.
  • If custom work exceeds estimated time you will be requested to pay for extra time according to the rate $50/hour.
  • An average term of completion is usually 2-6 weeks since the date of payment but can vary depending on developers schedule and complexity of the task.
  • Once custom work is completed you have 2 weeks to test it and suggest any corrections if needed, after this time all corrections can be done only on the paid basis.
  • ViArt Team reserves a right to add custom work functionality to the standard version of the shop if we consider the functionality useful for all customers.
  • We make all efforts to implement functionality as close to client’s wishes as possible, however sometimes functionality can be slightly different from the one described since we try to fit it in the best possible way into current ViArt Shop structure.
  • In case of individual functionality (developed only for client's site), the cost may be several times higher.
  • We do not refund money for customizations except for the cases when we are unable to implement the requested functionality for some reason.
  • If you share the cost for customization with fellow users, you automatically agree to such terms:
    1. 1. Feature is released only in the new version where it becomes available to all users.
    2. 2. No refunds.
    3. 3. ViArt has a right to modify the feature to make it more universal for all users or postpone its release.
    In other words you contribute to the feature development and we try to develop it according to your needs but we develop it on our own terms and how we see it fit best.