Our site www.viart.com site is operated by latest Viart Shop 5 with default Clear design
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ViArt Shop screenshots

ViArt Shop screenshots

Please look at the following screenshots as illustration how ViArt PHP Shopping Cart and ViArt CMS (ultimate Content Management system) work together to deliver the newest Shopping Cart Solution on the market (click to enlarge).
1. Viart Shop Home

ViArt PHP Shopping Cart is combined with ViArt CMS. It allows you easily positioning your Products Catalogue along with News, Events Articles, Top Rating products, Search and Login blocks.
2. ViArt CMS Administration:

Moving blocks on the page has never been so easy! With ViArt CMS you could specify the exact layout of the page - and no need to change HTML files!
3. Products Catalogue
Let your customers browse the product tree with ViArt Product Catalogue: products categories could have as much sub-categories as necessary. Products could be assigned to multiple categories as well.
4. Products Catalogue Administration

Preview your Categories/Products tree with Products Catalogue Administration. The tree will look the same as you expect it to appear on the site.
5. Product details
For each product you could specify the look and feel of Product Details page. This page gives the most complete description of the product, as well as allow users writing reviews and rating the product.
6. Product Administration
Customize your products properties via Product Administration. Discounts and Shipping, Reviews and Ratings, Images and Downloadable products - that's the core of ViArt PHP Shopping Cart.
7. Shopping Cart

Shopping cart itself flexibly reflects your system preferences and corresponds to all your amendments done via Product Administration.
8. Checkout process

Placing the order with ViArt PHP Shopping Cart is pleasure. All fields needed for Checkout could be added,removed, renamed, made required via Administration.
9. Helpdesk Support System

Enterprise version of ViArt Shop comes with one more application - Helpdesk Support System.
10. Helpdesk Administration

Manage your Support Tickets via ViArt Helpdesk Administration