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We have updated a site map so that a different site-map is generated for a multi-site feature for version 3.5.
Site map was generated for one site only (in the multisite feature) and if used for a second site the first site map was overwritten by the first one.
We would therefore recommend you to download an updated version of the files for version 3.5 at: http://www.viart.com/downloads/sitemap_fix-3.5.zip
Further, extract the files into the 'admin' and 'templates' folder of your shop replacing existing ones. Don't forget to make backup copies of the current files in case something goes wrong.
I copied the above files to the correct locations, specified a different folder for each domain, I selected each domain individually, and ran the process of creating the sitemap for each domain.
When I checked each folder in each domain the sitemap referred the default domain in every folder.
I tested it at least ten times by removing every trace of a sitemap1.xml and the sitemap_index.xml from the newly created folders and from the root, I even tried changing the sitemap_index.xml to the correct domain and still it reverted to the default domain.
Any thoughts Please.
I figured it out, create a folder for each sitemap for each domain but in the default domain, then when you run the process it is correct, I am not sure how this is going to work with Google so that is my next step.
No joy, whilst I got it to work I cannot submit a sitemap from the default domain for a differant one in Google so this is not working.
Final Update:
I am not sure but I kept closing the browsers, refreshing and clearing cache and I got it to work but it needs to function one single process, not hours of going around circles.
I generally update my sitemaps daily, so I need to switch to each site and just click the sitemap build.
Thanks Viart, still doing a great job.
Last modified: 17 Dec 2008 11:46 PM