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It would be hugely helpful to be able to apply a coupon code to all products in a specific category rather than just a specific Product Type. (I have multiple categories under my different product types.)
This way, if a product is added to a category, the coupon would automatically apply to the new product, rather than having to go edit the coupon to add the product individually.
It would also save a ton of time it now takes to select each product individually.
Or at least be able to select multiple items in the Item Selection box.
Just my $.02.
Last modified: 5 Sep 2013 6:10 PM
Then I have great news for you - this is already available in v.4.1 Yahoo!
Check this out in our online demo shop: http://demo-shop.viart.com/demo.html
ViArt Team
WooHoo!!! You rock!! Thanks Vera! Good