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Hi all,
I have just submitted this request to Viart for custom work.
Would it benifit anyone else ?
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From time to time we like to offer certain customers the option to order less products than the minimum order level but at present it is not posssible to allow different user groups or subscription levels to order below minimum.
I think anyway that maybe a coupon would work more efficiently from an admin point of view.
Is there any way I could have custom work done so that a coupon could be sent to customers allowing them to overide the normal site minimum order level.
In a setting the same way the coupon can be
Free Postage | Coupon Tax Free | Order Tax Free
Still with all the other features such as discount etc etc
Or if not possible to add all other features a standalone minimum order overide coupon in addition to the other 3 options for coupon types
Add Order Coupon | Add Product Coupon | Add Gift Voucher | Minimum Order Overide Coupon
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Would this be useful to anybody ?
'Override global order restrictions' setting is already available in version 4.0. You can find it in Dashboard > Products > Coupons > Edit Coupon > 'Order restrictions' tab.
ViArt Support Team
Thanks Viart support team.
Yes this was as a result of custom work I requested Smile