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This may have already been mentioned here before, AND, there just might be a way to do this. I had version 3.0 for years and learned things about that cart for years after.
But I would like to have expiring landing redirect landing pages. Like the way expiring zip files are done for downloads, I would like to have separate landing pages at least per category.
I use PayPal as the payment processor and don't have web payments pro.... so the customer leaves the site, makes payment at paypal and then is redirected back to the site on a page made to have a description "template' and then use tags to deliver the products (download) .... What I would like to do is have particular product type pages.
Just a thought.
Hi Deepo, any updates on this??? If the forum doesn't respond, I would create a support ticket and ask the ViArt team directly. They are great with responding to requests...
For now, I'm sure this falls within their scope of custom jobs. But perhaps it would be a suggestion for future versions.
This cart is very customizable as is.
For now, the redirect landing page will have basic information about their order with the name tag , email tag and order number tags in place.... With a strong reminder to look for the emails the cart sends. You can send a specific email per product and also as well there are several other places within the cart where you can auto send emails on order as well as send notifications to you or your admins.
Those auto emailing features are really nice because you can get creative and manage it how you want.
The landing page will also have a strong reminder to check the spam and junk folders in case their spam filter sends the emails there as well as instructions on how to whitelist my email address so future emails hit the inbox.
The redirect landing page will also have upgrade offers as well as links to pages to register the products sent on forms with fields capturing the basics, name and email as well as info that I will need to provide their final product. The forms are from my Aweber account, third party auto responder, so that I can easily follow up with the client in the future with other offers as well as have a future email sequence of emails automated to be sent on pre designated days after the order.....
A buyer often becomes a repeat buyer !!
This cart is really awesome as is and you can get as creative as you want with it...