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I have 4 different categories and I want them to each look at a different CSS, as I want the categories to be colour coded.
I can see that I can change the page layout of a category using "custom layout", but there's no option to use a different CSS for that category and its subcategories.
The colours I want to change are the "read more" button, the text, and the category header banners, etc.
Does anyone have any idea how I can do this please?
Thanks in advance!
You are part of the way there...I will try to give you an example of how it can be done...
Following your "custom layout" creation for a unique colored category-
you will see that each frame of your layout has a small pencil/wrench looking icon in the corner.
This gives you further access to change the style of the frame.
If as example we wanted to change the background the frames to blue, we can do so by entering "background: blue" into the CSS in the "Frame Style" field.
Of course you may want to take this a bit further for each block of that layout (ie blue banners, red text, green links, etc...
This can also be done by entering the CSS needed within the "Block Style" of the blocks Appearance Tab.
Thank you for your quick reply, I will have a play around with the CSS in each setting. - I have changed the CSS within these before when I've been creating custom banners (to simply put the banner on a block of colour), but I've never used them to affect the whole category appearance together with its subcategories and products.
I'm guessing this will just change the contents of that category, and won't affect say the colour of the tab on the homepage of that category? - That would also be great if that was possible.
I think that would be possible as well with some inline styling in the CSS....what is the layout your using? Or what is the website?