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I was wondering if there are any disadvantages (in Search Engine Ranking) in using the multisite option, and if the mustisite stores should be set up a unique way to avoid the potential of problems?
I am thinking that no one uses this feature anyway???
No there are more of us.
After all you've had more than 20,000 views - just that I can't give you a worthwhile answer and perhaps others don't have anything to add?
I have six sites in the system.
The main site regularly gets Google page one listing and a fair number of page two.
But the other site rarely do so -
- do the other sites support my main site?
- is it that all sites are managed through my main site for product additions and changes and get ignored by search engines?
Perhaps someone will come along with some views now that I have responded.
Thanks for the chime in Chris, wish this board moved along a bit better than it does...
You hit the nail on the head, as I was trying to asses what or how the search engines categorize a multi site store. Could you provide a link to your sites as I wonder just how diffrent one sitre can be from another..
Does the diffrence carry through the checkout, or does at one point the "Master Site" is refrenced?
My sites are identical - each has it's own checkout; you can't create an order on one site and then check out on another.
So the content is [for me] the same on all sites - for me.
But you can, of course specify which products go on which site, etc.
No matter which of my domains you visit the pages all look the same - I just want as many options as possible to be seen and attract customers.
My main site http://www.malikstores.co.uk has been going a long time and the others added about three years ago. So the main site gets all the best Google ratings. Though others do sometimes rank quite well.
I guess I think of this as a number of independent sites able to share data if wanted.
Also, each, able to having it's own identity as well and being able to create a different look and feel for each, including for example, each having a different payment provider.
I must say, once you grasp all this it is a truly awesome set up giving the administrator a phenomenal amount of control.
Apart from that there's not much I can say about search engines.
As for the forum, so many of us have used this cart for so long that we do not find the time we should to help others.
Good luck with yours Smile
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