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UPDATE: I found several issues in Thunderbird email that can forbid the display of images that refer to a remote location URL to load. Make sure you have allowed the sender to use HTLM (a setting in the address book), and that the View menu is set to show the email with 'Normal HTML' setting.
Also, I've learned that I had a redirect in my .htaccess file that was put there by a mobile application, so after stripping that out, my emails were seen normally in Thunderbird. Google for details on all the issues with THunderbird, there are plenty!
I have tried both the WYSIWYG and plain text variations of my newsletter, and have spent the last three days trying to get my remote images in HTML, or images directly inserted via the WYSIWYG tool, and in both cases, the pages show properly when I click to 'Send' and see the preview. But on sending them to an actual email address, the images are not shown by THUNDERBIRD EMAIL CLIENT.
Does anyone have a solution? I've been trolling the TB forums for a couple days, and out of dozens of 'solutions', none of them work to show the images.
I've allowed HTML in the sending and receiving account settings, I've changed the 'Show remote content...' setting to allow display of remote images, I've also verified that the emails are not marked as spam, and in the display settings, I've made sure that both HTML and Simple HTML (no CSS) work on other emails I get, but never the ones from my Viart.
Neither of the methods Viart cart has will work with my THunderbird, but all other emails I get from other senders always show remote content, such as USPS, Blues Festival E-Guide, YouTube channel emails, etc.
There really isn't anything else to try with Thunderbird, because I don't think it is broken. Somehow, something in the Viart code is forbidding the images to be shown.
Last modified: 6 Feb 2013 4:40 AM