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I am trying to find a shopping cart solution for my company and spent all day trying to configure ViArt with 2 sites.
I have followed the directions for setting up multiple sites using the copy method; however, there are some issues. (Yes I edited each of the var_definition.php files so they read $site_id = 1 for the first site and 2 for the second)
1. When I go to the url of my second site, it shows the right page but as soon as I click any of the links on the front page I get redirected to the primary site.
For example I load www.mywebsite.com/shop2 and it loads. Then I click the Products link and it loads, but in the address bar you can see it says www.mywebsite.com/shop1/products.php instead of shop2 and it is showing the products from shop1.
2. I tried editing some categories so first I unchecked the option to have them show on all sites. Then I went and assigned 2 of the 5 available categories to shop1 and 3 of the 5 to shop2. When I load shop1 it looks like it is working, only 2 of the five categories are now available on the home page. But in shop2 there are now no categories showing at all even though in admin shop2 shows up in the "Use this item for sites in the list below".
3. If I change the active layout for shop1 it shows up on both shop1 and shop2 even though I have a different layout chosen in shop2. Any changes to shop2 layout are ignored.
4. I have the option checked so that you can only see pricing if you are logged in. I created a log in on shop1 and it works, but then when I go to shop2 I can see those prices too even though I haven't created a log in on that site. This is the deal killer. I can't have my clients seeing each others pricing.
Basically I need a system that will allow me to have private sites for each of my big clients with their customized products and pricing. I need to be sure that each client can only see their site and no one else can. Can ViArt do this or do I need to quit wasting time here and move on to another system?
Thanks in advance for any help you may have. I see that multisites are working for some of you so I am hoping that the problems I am having are just due to some settings and not any inherent problems with ViArt software.
Any update or resolution to the issue copshopper?
Yes I was having a couple issues so I thought I would switch my hosting OS since it recommends Linux and I was using Windows. So I switched over to Linux from Windows hosting and this fixed some of my issues but caused new ones.
My biggest problem was that I have it hosted on GoDaddy and for whatever reason, the server defaults tell ViArt that it can access the root of my directory one level above where I actually have read write privileges. So I couldn't log into Admin and was getting a bunch of session errors. ViArt customer service was very helpful and gave me the following solution:
ViArt Shop is using default server settings when saving sessions and it's doesn't overwrite them.
Anyway if you like to save session in different folder please open your var_definition.php file add a new line where you would like to store your sessions session_save_path ("/some/path/");
So I did that which fixed all my problems and the shop was then running correctly.
I did run into a new problem that changing this path caused. It made the validation codes (to make sure real people are filling out forms) stop working. I mentioned it to customer support and this time the fix was in an area of the code we don't have access to, but they quickly sent me a replacement file that had my new session save path in it and it fixed the problem for me.
Everything is up and running well now. It has taken me forever to get my database ready so I can push the site live but it looks like we are going to finally pull the trigger this week!!