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Free Shipping

Any Viart Shop Edition has an unlimited period of use; you do not have to pay any yearly fees. However, you may wish to update your Viart Shop with new features. In this case you can easily upgrade to the latest version of the product.

If you have been using Viart Shop Standard for nine months or Viart Shop Enterprise for more than one year, you can pay an additional fee to receive a new version for another 9 months or the whole year. If you have been using Viart Shop Light for more than six months, you can similarly pay an additional fee to continue to receive upgrades to your product, for another six months. This fee is 50% of the original price of Viart product when you upgrade license within our special period - 18 months from the time when you first purchased or extended your license or 75% fee for older licenses . After you pay this fee, we renew your serial number so you can generate a new license activation file. This new license will allow you to receive all upgrades and new versions of your product during the year, 9 or 6 months for Enterprise, Standard and Light editions. It also gives you one more free change of domain activated on your license within specified period.