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The Facebook interface in 'Social Media' CMS is pretty well documented by Viart, but I was not able to find the info for the Twitter feed yet, but a couple of Google searches turned up how to do it. If you go to https://apps.twitter.com you can create a new 'App'.
1. First page asks for Name, Description, Website URL, and Callback URL (I used my website main page url for that). Press the button at the bottom to create the app.
2. In the Details tab on the next page that popped up, you see some settings. You can ignore for the moment these settings.
3. In the API Keys tab, you find the API Key and the API Secret, the Owner and the Owner ID. Mostly ignore these for the moment.
4. On the same page, you should press the button to generate the access tokens, and after a refresh of the page, you should see them at the bottom in 'Your access token'.
5. Next, while still on the API Keys tab, press the 'Test OAuth' button, which will verify your keys, secrets, and tokens are working.
6. Now, go to Viart admin panel, CMS page layout (usually main page, I suppose) and add the Twitter feed from the CMS blocks, Social Media near the bottom of the right column.
7. Now, the API KEY, API SECRET are the same as in the OAUTH settings from above. In the API Keys tab they are 'API key' and in the OAUTH page they are 'CONSUMER KEY', but the numbers are the same in both pages. Just copy them into the fields in the Viart configuration panel for the Twitter block, add your username and photo if you want, and you should see the feed on your page now.
Hope this helps anyone!
By any chance do you have the updated Facebook part of this? I was trying to do this the other day but gave up for I ended up lost on what was were. Everything was different then the one I found on the site here.