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Gate2Shop Integrated Partner

E-commerce Payment Solutions

The 3.5% + $0.20 promotional rate comes as a result of the combined effects of Gate2Shop and ViArt. Gate2Shop is a provider of first class e-commerce solutions. Its platform is completely compatible with the ViArt. Integration is fast and simple and can be done in a matter of minutes - simply select the Gate2Shop solution from within your ViArt installation

Some of the features included are:
  • More than 80 different alternative payment methods this way the whole world is covered and your customers can pay with whatever local payment method they feel comfortable with Additional
  • Multiple Currencies Support all the major world currencies are supported, as well as exotic currencies that our clients may also need.
  • New promotional features Coupons, Up-sale and Cross-sale features allow the vendor to design and promote their individual sales promotion and execute effective marketing strategies.
  • Fraud prevention PCI certified and 3-D secure compliant.
    • Certified payment page by "thawte"
    • Velocity checks and black lists
    • Geo-location technologies
    • Tailor-made fraud rules
    • AVS and CVV checks
  • Online reporting Gate2Shop provides a unique way of simplifying how transactional data is presented, not just in an accurate and secure way, but by a process that allows you immediate access to real time figures and analysis.
  • Premium Account Management Your account manager is just a phone call away.