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My customers simply can't use the Helpdesk, and I end up supporting them for how to use it and how to respond, how to enter data, and so on, so it's easy for me to just give them 'support@edsets.com' and let them fill in the form template.
This way, I can manage support mobile. I was NEVER able to make helpdesk work via email.
So...I want to disable the helpdesk all together. I've renamed the 'support.php' so it's not able to run, and then there was another one too, so I renamed it (like 'support.php.OEM').
Is there anything else I need to do to keep customers from using it? Somehow they always find a way!!! I have also deleted the email account that was used with the help desk.
I LOVE the helpdesk, but my customers are senior citizens and most of them can barely use email much less the helpdesk.
Thanks for any suggestions.