Our site www.viart.com site is operated by latest Viart Shop 5 with default Clear design
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Helpdesk Screenshots

ViArt Helpdesk screenshots

Please look at the following screenshots as illustration how ViArt Helpdesk works (click on the image to enlarge).
php helpdesk home page ViArt Helpdesk Home

Here is the Support Centre of Viart Shop. If you face any problem or have a question, you can send a request.
php helpdesk support center Support Center

Please look at the Support Centre. You have the possibility to view the current tickets and the statistics for all tickets. Besides you can search for the ticket by its number, by keyword, by e-mail, etc.
php helpdesk news page News Page

With the help of News section you are allowed to issue the latest news.
php helpdesk replying to customer page Replying to Customer

Here is an example of a support ticket. To reply to a customer click on Clear button and enter the text of your answer in the text field. Then select the status answered in Change Status field and click on Reply button. Now your ticket has been sent.
php helpdesk predefined replies Predefined Replies

You have a possibility to create and edit your predefined reply. It is very convenient if you do not want to write the same answer several times.
php helpdesk department editimg page Department Editing

You are allowed to create any support department and then edit it according to your requirements. You can choose whether to show it to the user or not.
php helpdesk statuses editing page Statuses Editing

This section helps you to edit the status of your replies to support tickets. You can also download the icon for each reply.
php helpdesk user editing page Support User Editing

You can edit support user profile. For this go to Administration>Support Center>Support Users>Edit Support User.
php helpdesk support products page Support Products Editing

With this feature you are able to add products which you want to support. Then upon sending a request your customers could select a product from the drop down menu.
php helpdesk users reports Users Report

This report system allows to view the status of support tickets, namely, how many tickets were answered, how many tickets are awaiting response, how many tickets were closed, etc. You can choose time period by entering the necessary date or choose the date from the available calendar.