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Topic Information
I've found myself at an impasse with customising certain aspects of the Viart system
Right now I am looking for someone to assist with getting an improved search capability within the Articles section.
We are using this section as a 'businesses' directory whereby we have created listings for various entities within our business sector.
Assume for the moment that we have 3-levels of categories within articles.
What i need to be able to do is to have a four search boxes as follows:
Search Box#1: Top Level categories
Search Box#2: Displays sub-categories based on Box#1
Search Box#3: Displays sub-categories based on Box#2
Search Box#4: A Post-Code search by re-using the Keywords or Notes fields as the source data
You then hit [GO] and it returns the matches.
Anyone out there who is interested please message me back here with your email.
As title suggests -- need this urgent -- ie within a week