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zuhair (Guest)
zuhair (Guest)
I've got a viart based website at http://emu.application-staging.com where the client wanted different content & different products for each country and language. To accomplish this, I used the multisite option in viart 3.4 and have setup a new site for each combination of language and country (there can be any number of combinations) like http://ca-en.emu.application-staging.com/ for (Canada / English) and http://ca-fr.emu.application-staging.com/ for (Canada / French) and so on. I've purchased a license for application-staging.com and this doesn't seem to work, can you please advice me asap? Should I purchase a license for emu.application-staging.com?
Also, you should realize that it is utterly unreasonable to ask me to purchase a license for each combination of country and language as it is essentially one website.
It does have to be under the same domain and you have not set it up that way.
What you should have done is used http://emu.application-staging.com/ plus http://emu.application-staging.com/ca-en and http://emu.application-staging.com/ca-fr
The way you have it, subdomains are not the same website however if you place a redirect to change the URL to the real folder directions then it will work.
Sorry in advance for the very basic question..but i have a similar situ where my domain name is www.rebrowntalks.com. I want to show 3 different currencies BUT each currency is set ie my brochure shows 3 set prices for each currency so simply using one currency as a base and converting won't do. So i need to have 3 stores. Now what would be the best thing to do? How if i say call one store www.rebrowntalks.com/uk for the £ cart, would i actually do this? Do i need to register another name ? Also would i be able to set up the 3 stores on the one license in viart? And finally as the customer would have to choose between the 3 carts can that be done and designed within the one admin creating a landing page or something? Thank you for any advice! Paul
Last modified: 15 Aug 2008 12:12 PM
I can understand Viart wanting three licenses for three domains - even if that is to create three different pricing set ups.
I wonder whether the option is to be able to specify the price for each product in the same way we do for name or description.
EG [en]product name[/en][fr]Nom de produit[/fr]
and for prices [en]£20.00[/en][fr]euro16.20[/fr]
This would be customisation - unless anyone can give you a better solution - you might ask Viart.
Hope it is helpful in some way for you?
Smile Hi Chris Thanks for your response
Apologies for the delay responding to your post. I just found it. I need to see if i can receive emails when someone responds to a post.
I got this answer from support so hopefully i can sort it
If you are going to use our hosting service, you don't need to purchase a license. The two sites with different currencies can then be made in two subfolders, ie: mysite.com/site1 and mysite.com/site2.
I will contact them to work out how to do this and how to get the customer to the right cart. As you can see i am a beginner and i have very little experience with html.
Last modified: 20 Aug 2008 11:52 AM