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Does anyone know how best to implement the following shipping cost scenarios
1. Lower shipping cost based on quantity of single Item
eg. Item A shipping cost is $10 (qty: 1)
At the moment if they order qty of 2 of Item A the shipping cost is calculated as $20.
We would like to make the shipping cost still the $10 and only if they order above a certain level does the next shipping cost kick in
ie if they order qty: 5 of a single item, then the shipping cost jumps to $15
2. Reduce (discount) shipping cost when ordering multiple different items of the same product type
eg. Item A shipping is $10 and similar product type Item B has shipping cost $5
At the moment that would mean that the total shipping cost is $15
We would like to make it so that if you buy item A and Item B that the shipping cost is only $12