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Roger (Guest)
Roger (Guest)
Let's say it is something that should be there and it is not!
If you choose Canada as a default country, in the : "Default State" should appears a list of Provinces. What is showing up...is the list of States!
On the left (ok I am pushing here):
Administration > Global Settings
Default State/Province would be more accurate than:
Default State
By the way, who EXACTLY I have to contact to send a slightly better translation! Some French words are ok but not the best!
My issue, related to this, is that my customers in USA do ok when selecting states, but some countries do not require a province, however, Viart forces SOMETHING to be in the Province or State field during checkout or registration, even if I set the options for both fields to 'show' and not 'required'.
What this means is that customers can order without a State or Province, and honestly, it's frustrating that you can't require "ONE OR THE OTHER"...the logic would be in the script like this:
If State > '' or Province > '' then blah blah blah...
What say ye, Viart?
In simpler terms, perhaps:
Give us a way to reliably capture the Province or State. Either change the logic so you select Country first, and then show list of Provinces, or allow logic so that EITHER state or province is entered, and we have a valid address for our customers.
There has to be a way to do this...
I am still struggling with so many customers that don't provide a State for US or a Province for international non-US addresses.
The reason for this is that Viart, for many years now, has ignored the need for some logic.
Here's the logic that is needed:
1. Let the country come first in the list of required fields.
2. If the Country needs a 'State', then the customer would enter it into a field called "State/Province" and based on the Country, the code would load or access the correct list of states/provinces.
3. This would end the illogical and damaging practice of having to put both the State and Province fields on the list and then not being able to make either or both of them 'required'.
So, Viart, can we get some resolution for this DAILY problem that has been plaguing us for many years???
If you don't like my logic, what would you recommend so that any worldwide customer would be required to enter either a state or province, but only one?
Any other users here have a solution, as Viart has kind of ignored this for SO MANY YEARS. It is time to fix it like modern websites have already done.
Your accusations are a little ungrounded because States selection depending on Country was implemented almost 1 year ago in v.4.1. Please test it in our demo http://demo-shop.viart.com/demo.html or read the release notes http://www.viart.com/a_new_version_4_1_is_released.html
ViArt Team