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Hope someone can help me sort this out.
I have set up the ADS part of viart so customers can create their own ads under various ad-types and set up the 'Days to Run' pricing
But I dont understand how they pay for their ad
Can someone show me the way to do this??
I've done a little more on this and here is some more info
With the defaults all in place, after the user creates the ad, there is link "Pay for Ad", but when I click it, nothing happens.
So I found a setting under Settings > Ads > Ads Settings
Funds Product ID [...] (product to add funds to user credit balance)
So i went ahead and created a new product for this purpose.
Now when I click the link, it ads the item to the cart showing the users outstanding payment. I then completed the checkout (using paypayl) but didnt actually make the payment.
I then went into Admin console and marked the order as "Paid", but this didnt update the users credit balance and so the advert still shows as needing to be paid.
What have I missed??
Also, having created the product, it needs to be "Shown on site' for the link to work, but I dont really want this 'product' showing on the site -- I just want the user to be able to pay for the advert.
All help appreciated.
You noticed right, Product ID is an option that could be used for paid ads. For example, if to place a new ad user needs to pay $5 and there is no such amount on his credit balance system is going to add the product specified in "Funds Product ID" to the basket offering this user to update his balance.
Note, in order for this to work correctly you need
1) to activate Credits System in Settings > Products > Products Settings
2) specify the credit amount or percentage in 'Reward Credits' filed of the product
3) actually pay for the product (have Paid status in admin)
ViArt Team
To make this all work here is what i did.
Create a new category (eg Adverts)
Set the Category to NOT "Shown on Site"
Create a new product "Advertising" inside this category and make it 'Shown on Site'
Finally set the "Funds Product ID" to the ID of this new 'product'
This is the final piece of the puzzle to make it work.
Only very minor downside, is that if you have the "Recently Viewed" block on your products pages, then of course this new "Advertising" product will be listed, but we can all live with that