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We have integrated a 3-d secure upgrade option for Website Payments Pro payment systems. This is a beta version, so if you find any inconsistencies please contact our support team at support@viart.com.
This is a requirement from PayPal for those merchants who accept the Maestro card - they must enable 3-D Secure for Internet-based transactions using the Maestro card.
The beta version can be downloaded from: http://www.viart.com/downloads/paypal_direct_3d_beta.zip
Unzip an archive and upload the files to your 'payments' folder. Once this is done, please add the below parameters:
'Amount' [Variable] 'order_total_100' [Not Passed]
'CurrencyCode' [Variable] 'currency_value' [Not Passed]
'ProcessorId' [Constant] 'Your ProcessorId' [Not Passed]
'MerchantId' [Constant] 'Your MerchantId' [Not Passed]
'TransactionPwd' [Constant] 'your TransactionPwd' [Not Passed]
'MAPS_URL' [Constant] 'https://paypal.cardinalcommerce.com/maps/txns.asp' [Not Passed]
for a test mode: 'MAPS_URL' - https://centineltest.cardinalcommerce.com/maps/txns.asp
for a live mode: 'MAPS_URL' - 'https://paypal.cardinalcommerce.com/maps/txns.asp'
Please, view the image to check whether you enter correct parameters http://www.viart.com/images/screenshots/paypal_direct_3d_beta_parameters.jpg
Finally go to the 'Final Checkout Settings' and specify Validation Parameters as shown below:
Additional Validation [x]
Validation Script './payments/paypal_direct_3d_check.php'
Success Status 'Paid'
Failure Status 'Failed'
Please, view the image to check whether you enter correct parameters: http://www.viart.com/images/screenshots/paypal_direct_3d_beta_final_settings.jpg
Last modified: 13 May 2011 10:20 AM
Small point, Anjula, your image shows some of the parameters as CONSTANT rather than VARIABLE.
Also those starting Your have an ! at start and end.
I have presumed that the image is correct and used the information from there?
Hello Chris,
Thanks for pointing to that. I've corrected the parameters. Yes, the image shows correct parameters. Two parameters (Amount and Currency Code) should be variables and all other parameters are constants.
And instead of !Your Merchant id! (and other constants) please type your merchant account details.
Also, you may find it useful to refer to a PayPal documentation on 3-d Secure: https://www.paypal-business.co.uk/content/s2/pdf/PP_3DSSecurePreReleaseComm.pdf
With kind regards,
ViArt Support Team
NUGYA (Guest)
NUGYA (Guest)
Hi Chris
i keep getting the error 1003 and 4762 when i process a solo card.
Have you succesfully complete a transaction?
It could be that my settings are wrong.
best wishes
We've slightly updated the scripts for paypal_3d_beta version.
You're welcome to download the updated scripts at:
Please, contact our support team on any questions or problems.
With kind regards,
ViArt Support Team
NUGYA (Guest)
NUGYA (Guest)
Hello Anjula,
It seems to be sorted out now.
many thanks
I must compliment Viart on the excellent support thay gave me in getting 3D set up today - we have had good communications and as a result and some tweaking 3D now works excellently.
Anjula, could I please raise some points raised by Visa Europe about implementing VbV (3D).
Quoting Visa : [ New merchant deployment of VbV should only be implemented with inline windows ]
Is Viart likely to develop this further to improve the implementation of 3D security in line with VISA recommendations?
When implementing VbV, merchants have traditionally had two options in the way they configure the authentication windows - that is, pop-up windows or
With the pop-up authentication windows, research has shown that cardholders often mistake a new window as an advertising message, and will often close it without checking. In addition, cardholders with slower connections to the Internet are even more likely to close pop-up windows, often doing so before the window has completed loading in the browser.
Closing a pop-up authentication window in this way impact the authentication process, cause unpredictable results and adversely affect the cardholder experience. One of the key lessons learned is that the window closure rates are substantially less with the inline authentication window.
In addition, as the rate of pop-up advertising has increased, pop-up suppression software (sometimes referred to as “pop-up killers”) has gained increased market awareness and usage. Such software does not only occur in standalone
applications, but some browsers and online service providers have begun to incorporate pop-up suppression as a standard feature of their service.
Visa strongly recommends that existing VbV merchants reconfigure the authentication page as inline windows, rather than pop-ups. New merchant deployment of VbV should only be implemented with inline windows.
There are two possible options for deploying inline authentication windows:
Important aspects to consider when deciding on frame inline or full inline:
Full inline has the benefit of a simpler implementation and less scope for misunderstandings and mistakes.
Frame inline displays the VbV authentication page in
the merchant’s main window with the merchant’s
header. Therefore, VbV is seen as a natural part of the
purchase process. It is recommended that the top
frame include the merchant’s standard branding in a
short and concise manner and keep the cardholder
within the same look and feel of the checkout process.
Franky (Guest)
Franky (Guest)
I have succssfully installed the package on my Viart.
Everything Good, but 1 important bugs may have.
I followed Anjula setting, ever steps.
And It successful redirect me to Card Issuer for 3DS verification process page.
I didn't input data on that pages, and after 40-60 seconds, times out, system said verification process failed. And redirected me back to my site.
But at the order_final_page.php, it shown up a Paypal Transaction ID, and SHOWN transaction completed.
I didn't passed the Card Issuer 3DS, but completed this process. Can Viart looked into this matter?
My Card is Master Card in this process.
Gez (Guest)
Gez (Guest)
I am having more or less the same problem - all hooked up, enter card details, switches to independent card validation screen. Wait a few minutes doing nothing (no timeout from the system - just remains sat on validation screen) and then suddenly the order is marked as paid and appropriate 'your order has been paid' emails get sent out - just no money ever gets delivered because the validation was never completed. Seems to be timing out and then behaving incorrectly?
Gez (Guest)
Gez (Guest)
Note: I renamed the payment code from
paypal_direct.php to paypal_direct_3d.php
and established it in a new payment system within ViArt.
I didn't want to blow up my existing code - might this by causing this problem?
Given up (Guest)
Given up (Guest)
Typical of ViArt support - the sound of silence. As far as I am concerned this is an unsupported product and I for one will never touch it again; as a developer it has cost me dearly and I'm left with an unhappy client as well.
Was this never finalised and made non beta?