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queenbee (Guest)
queenbee (Guest)
UGH! I'm so frustrated. I've looked all over the forum, emailed support twice, but still don't have an answer to this issue. I would really like to go "live" soon but I can't if I keep having this problem. When I try to do a test (sandbox) purchase or live purchase I get the following error:
Can't find PayPal SSL certificate, please use absolute path like '/home/user_name/cert/cert_key_pem.txt' for SSLCert payment parameter
Ok, I've set the correct settings for both Paypal Express and Paypal Pro:
username: username
password: password
SSLCert: /home/content/x/x/x/xxxxxxxx/html/shop/cert/cert_key_pem.txt
Of course the x's are replaced by the real values. My site is secured and hosted via GoDaddy and I've put the certificate info from Paypal above. Can anyone pleeeeeaase help? There's got to be an answer to this. If you use Paypal, please respond with any help you can. I'd like to get past this as soon as possible!
Not sure if this is what is causing it..
Make sure it is NOT checked "not passed"
in admin/payment systems
queenbee (Guest)
queenbee (Guest)
Update... I'd set the username path incorrectly. Support got in there and fixed it for me. Feel a little silly because I'd forgotten that I change my Godaddy info. Good work support! Thanks.Good
Technizzle (Guest)
Technizzle (Guest)
OK I will do my best to explain how I got around that SSL Paypal Pro certificate.
First do not read the explanation provide by them..it only make it worse!
Under the SSLCert---Parameter Source insert the following:
After downloading the SSL Certificate from Paypal, which I also have an issue I will explain at the end.
After downloading the SSL Certificate to your desktop, I used FTP program call "Total Commander"
this is the importan part.
I upload the SSL Certificate to www.yourdomain.www/shop meaning your "shop" folder within your public_html where you initially upload all your Viart files.
Now the Parameter source of your SSL Certificate "cert_key_pem.txt" will be seen and will work.
Make sure to add your user name and password properly and when testing live like I do with my own card...to choose your "Please select preferred Payment Gateway" options in order to proceed.
Let me know if that does it for you.
Technizzle my Nizzle, Alfizzle Wall Bash
I've have the same issue with the PayPal setup, but your suggestion didn't work..anyway.. I've put the cert file at fisrt in the same folder as our shop files, and got the error message. After that I uploaded the file to urs/home/andy-stewart.net/cert/.., same thing, same error message..
I don't know whta to do to get thise thing fixed.
Have you any other suggestion??
Andy, looking at your site have you tried placing it alongside "welcolme_en.htm", "intro_de1.htm" etc..?
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