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One of the benefits of multi-sites is to create differentiation - each site has it's own personality.
It is also possible, then, to target each site at different markets or customer types.
It would make so much sense to be able to create different polls for different sites. Perhaps that demands the facility to create more than one poll, and then be able to select which poll to display from CMS.
At present if there are several polls they ALL display together - this makes it quite impractical to have more than one poll live at a time.
Yes I agree Chris,
Has anybody worked out a way to restict the displaying of polls on a per site basis yet ?
Dave - I believe that there are two issues:
1: To be able to select which poll(s) to show on any particular page
2: To be able to do this by site
I don't believe that the current poll facility is able to do this and that a complete re-write would be needed?