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I have set-up my first two sites which seem to work OK initially, I haven't completed any major testing yet.
I went to configure the third site and I can no longer add a new site?
No buttons, options or anything, just the two sites in the list I added, strange but true so any thoughts would be appreciated.
Just in case, I have checked all permissions?
Not sure about what you need to do as Viart set mine up; I have five sites together so more than two should be no problem.
I am wondering if the issue is licences? whilst I have several I am only hosting two at the moment, the two sites that have been set-up are on purchased licences whereas the third is a new project and one I wanted to develop first.
I might put this forward to Viart to see if this is the answer?
I really don't want to rebuild the lot, it was a busy day upgrading from 3.2 and then setting up the multi sites, I have a lot of template work to do without the need for guessing and trying to find a solution.
I like the new version, cant wait to test all of the new functions.
Well, you do need a license for each domain so it may well be the problem.
I purchased a ten domain license and have to register each domain name.
I agree with your comments about the new version - good luck with the set up Smile
I am writing this just as a warning or advisory note to anyone who is looking to upgrade and then go to multisite operation. In addition to the above comments already encountered this is the status so far.
Before configuring to multi-site I had to upgrade from 3.3.2 and this in its own right carries problems I have since found out.
A: Backup all files including MySql database and ensure the backed up files are away from you computer and safe for when you throw the computer through the window, at least once you calmed down you can start again. :ranting:
B: Copies all new files or version to your server, hopefully when you got to System > System Upgrade you will get the message saying upgrade to 3.5 now. Broad grin
C: It took a while but I finally got it to upgrade and I thought all is well and I can now got to work in setting up my various sites, which I did and I could not progress beyond two sites as in message above.
D: Then the next day I started to check out the site and test the environment, wow the the crap really hit the fan?
First problem I have two sites which are clearly marked as separate and in different locations with different headers and styles but when I tried to process a transaction on one site it jumped to the next, why? Wacko
I have no idea and other problems prevented me from pursuing the answer as I went to my master site and thought best checkout the whole process of making a purchase.
:ranting:BUT BIGGEST PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!:ranting:
Once you have done the upgrade, CHECK the Prices?, I had customers at the counter demanding prices! I checked and found there modifications to VAT in the upgrade and therefore all my prices were showing exclusive of VAT, I had to quickly reset the VAT elements and this put the correct prices on display.
E: From here on in that's the end, upon trying to making a purchase I got first message:
"MySQL Error: Illegal mix of collations (latin1_german2_ci,IMPLICIT) and (cp1250_bin,IMPLICIT) for operation '='"
This was at the end of the message, it is so bit I dare not put it here, I investigated this and found, during the upgrade your existing MySql tables would have been originally installed with a character set or collation, there are many but example is latin1_german2_c1, this was the set used by my database, when you upgrade certain tables and extra fields are added to existing tables to allow for the new features, when these were added they got added with character set cp1250 or collation CP1250 and now if you try to do anything you get the same error:
MySQL Error: Illegal mix of collations (latin1_german2_ci,IMPLICIT) and (cp1250_bin,IMPLICIT) for operation '='
If no one has ever tried changing the collations of your MySql tables or database trust me, these is no way or no easy way.:ranting:
So I am currently trying to revert back to my old version, two days and I have had enough at this time, also a further very important note:
IE7 is still the most commonly used explorers but for me I only use Mozilla / Firefox, if you use a wrong character set it will put odd symbols in the top left of the screen on every page in FF, the one that works is "uft8"
There is more in this two day adventure but I am sure if you have read this far you have done well, oh yes and I am not having a go at Viart, I am very stressed and frustrated at the whole process and now I have to go and get my sites back on line.
I will keep this post updated as to my findings and progress.
Just an update:
I forgot to mention above, if you have made modifications to your templates you might have to do some again as I copied some over and they all failed.
I have reverted the database back to old and system is now saying a new version is available, however there is now another problem, go to login or basket page and BLANK, so much for a quick fix and revert back to old. Crying
I have now got - DB ERROR 1054
Database error: Invalid SQL: SELECT tax_id, tax_name, tax_percent FROM va_tax_rates WHERE country_code='GB' AND (state_code IS NULL OR state_code='') ORDER BY state_code DESC
MySQL Error: Unknown column 'country_code' in 'where clause'
This is my old site copied back and my Mysql table reloaded to old?
This is a real test of ones patience? Crazy
I just need to ask, is this me or I am going mad Wacko surely there has to be an easier way than this to upgrade or revert back if there is a problem.
" made modifications to your templates you might have to do some again as I copied some over and they all failed "
Of course you can now have your own templates file to store modified templates so that this cannot happen again Wink