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DLB (Guest)
DLB (Guest)
Has anyone else tried the second method of setting up multisites - the method which doesn't require you to copy all the files etc? Because I've tried it twice and it's not working at all.
I've edited var_definition.php as appropriate
I've switched Multisites on in the admin panel
I've added the new site with correct id to the admin panel, and edited its global & page settings
but when i try to visit where the new site is supposed to be, I get a 404/page not found error
Does anyone know if it's possible to get this feature working?
JT (Guest)
JT (Guest)
I would also be interested in an answer to this. I am just testing right now, but some answer would be greatly appreciated
JT (Guest)
JT (Guest)
ewoud (Guest)
ewoud (Guest)
1. copy all files from site number 1 to the directory of your choice in site number 2
2. In var definitions of second site : make site id no 2
3. Paste code for second integration method in var definitions from site number 1
4: do the global settings adjustments for site 2 via admin site number 1
This is how it worked for me, hope it works for you too!
ewoud (Guest)
ewoud (Guest)
ps: all changes have to be made from admin site 1. I guess this is what viart means by running a site from one folder...
ps2: the styles from site number 2 reside in the folders from site number 2 (access this via ftp if you want to change it...)
ps3: I am still figuring out where the images for both sites reside...
The method of "Using virtual folders to define the subsites from one location:" works very well.
See http://www.viart.com/setting_up_multisite_option.html and scroll down.
The first step is to configure your webserver to point to the same files for different addresses. You can use the domain name "www.example.invalid" and "www.another.invalid" to point to the same ViArt files or if you dont want to register more domain names then replacing the "www" with another prefix for example - "newsite.example.invalid" would also work.
Next check it works. Do "www.example.invalid" & your new host name bring up the original ViArt store?
If that works then you need to modify "includes/var_definition.php" as per the example. However remember that the "." character needs to be "escaped" with a "\" in php so "www.mysite.co.uk" becomes
}elseif (preg_match("/^(www\.)?mysite\.co\.uk$/i", $http_host)) {
in the example.
Then go to " Administration > Privileges" and turn on multisites for your use. Finally go to "Administration > Global settings" select the _new_ site and and then set up new layouts etc.
One great feature is that you can share products and categories between sites or restrict them to one site only.