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We have slightly modified the 'tell_friend.php' file after release 3.3.2 has been issued.
You may experience spam emails receiving using a tell-a-friend function for products.
We would recommend to download an updated version of the file from here: http://www.viart.com/downloads/tell_friend-3.3.2.zip
Further, extract the above mentioned file into the root folder of your shop replacing an existing one. Don't forget to make backup copies of the current files in case something goes wrong.
tiff (Guest)
tiff (Guest)
Is this the most current update on "tell_friend.php" file?
Our ISP would like us to verify this since we have experienced spam emails sent from our account.
The most recent download I have of 3.6 shows tell_friend.php as "Built: Wed Jul 21 18:38:55 2010"
Please see http://www.viart.com/warning-spamuce_inch_tell_a_friend_inch_.html
Support said at the time "Our developers inform that the reason why we didn't enable "Random Image Validation" option for "Tell a friend" by default is that some servers don't have necessary image library to show this validation image but we will try to find out some solution to enable this option by default."
So the bottom line is to turn on image verification on Tell a friend and the Forum if you can - even if you dont use these features.
tiff (Guest)
tiff (Guest)
Thanks for the info!
I have 3.4.7, will I be able to get the above mentioned built on tell_friend.php (7/21/10)?
Probably but your ISP doesnt need to know if its the latest, only if its working properly.
Are both Forum and Tell a Friend set to random image for all users? That shows the tell_friend.php is up to date.
Have you tried TAF and Forum as a customer and did you get random images to type in?
If not then you need check your ISP's server is running the GD image library.
See See http://help.rackspacecloud.com/article.php?id=082 on how to see whats on your server.