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I have an unsubscribe link on my email campaigns, however when the link is clicked it results in the following error message being displayed in the browser:
"Page unsubscribe wasn't found."
The PHP page is present in the root and the message isn't a standard server response, it's a Viart response.
I'm assuming it has something to do with the following line in the PHP code:
$cms_page_code = "unsubscribe";
There are no CMS Pages in admin set up with that name. - If this is the problem, please could someone give me an idea of what should be on the unsubscribe page?
Or, can anyone shed any light on why this might be please?
I have seen the unsubscribe patch, but this is dated 2012 and my site files are dated 2013.
Many Thanks
Last modified: 16 Apr 2015 10:38 AM