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In exploring the static tables, I ran across the table for "Albums"
this can be found in the -
Admin -> Settings -> Static Tables -> Albums
I have searched the forums and the documentation manuals on this site, and found absolutely no reference to what the Albums are or
Hi Jay
I too am exploring vart, very impressed with it's abilities and considering what it can do, it is priced very reasonable, but does seem come with some little quirks here and there.
I think this is a continually evolved project since I too have seen functions that don't seem to do anything or go anywhere and feel that they are most likely part of an ongoing to-do list for the people at viart.
I am finding that much of it does take some trial & error to understand how something works.
Good luck and have fun exploring
Hi Elso
I agree with you on your thoughts, sadly there is also little to no movement on this forum from any users, and that makes things really hard.
I did find that Albums are simply like folders in which you can store Articles and Images, and helps to categorize them.
If anyone is reading this from Viart - I would recommend that they make this feature a working part of the store demo, as well as any other "hidden" features - as there is little to no documentation to support these things.
Yes, Viart supply's allot of features that other carts don't have, and at a great price - but looks to be lacking behind on others due to a lack of 3rd party development tools and modifications.
Heres to hoping that may change in the future!
Which version are you using? My main attraction to viart is the option features. I have tried carts costing twice viart but the option area of others is no comparison to viart.
Also, I think version 5 is a brand new release and as with any new release, minor glitches can be expected. Haven't run into any major glitches.
I do know that their customer support response time and insight has been great. I am sure the level of support is connected to which version ($ paid).
I am no kind of an expert with this stuff, so I know how frustrating it can be with trial and error bumbling around.
Have fun
Elso, I am on version 5, and have been bumbling around for quite some time....
I own a Version 4 license and am contemplating upgrading it to version 5 but would like to experiment a bit further with the demo, to see if it will fit my needs.
Although my license is no longer valid for updates, anytime I have emailed them my questions, they have always responded back in a reasonable amount of time (typically a day or two), and I appreciate that.