Our site www.viart.com site is operated by latest Viart Shop 5 with default Clear design
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Beta version released!

On the eve of Thanksgiving we want to tell thank you to all our loyal customers and to present a beta version of a new greatly improved and re-designed ViArt Shop (pre-release of v.5.0).

Check out a new admin navigation, see adaptive design, try new features in action and leave your feedback on our support page.

Disclaimer: Beta version is a fully functional software that can be installed and upgraded but it is not a stable product yet. It is a subject of improvements based on customer's feedback.

What's new in latest version?

  • New layout of admin panel
  • New graphics in the dashboard
  • Links in admin navigation bar are configurable
  • Responsive design (currently only 'default' design is updated)
  • Extra navigation bar for built-in blocks (shopping, cart, search, languages etc.)
  • Multi-edit of blocks
  • Ability to manage styles of all blocks via three config files: layout_block_area.html (empty block for sliders and banners), layout_block_breadcrumb.html (block for various breadcrumbs design) and layout_block_default.html (default view for the rest of the blocks)
  • Widgets module to generate Buy Now links
  • Possibility to include Product Categories in the Site Navigation
  • Light weight of the pages
To be continued...

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