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Copyrights Violation by VIARTS.RU

<font color=red>Copyrights Violation by VIARTS.RU</font>
Please be aware the exclusive rights on reselling ViArt Shop belong to ViArt LLC company. Any actions aimed to steal ownership rights are illegal and will be prosecuted.

VIARTS line of products is essentially ViArt Shop under cover of a new front-end with broken backend. The copyrights protection effects all main ViArt Shop functions that's why there are unknown consequences of using this software.

Any customers who were cheated are welcome to exchange their VIARTS licenses on original ViArt Shop licenses FOR FREE. Please contact us at support@viart.com for more information.

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On Sunday 11th of November 2012 our servers will be updating hosting software including PHP version. It means starting from around 11:00 a.m. (GMT+0:00) you may experience some interruptions in service for a couple of hours.  read more...read more...