Our site www.viart.com site is operated by latest Viart Shop 5 with default Clear design
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How to add new layouts after upgrading to the latest version

New layouts are predefined only if a new version is installed. If you upgrade from your current version to the latest, you have to add these new layouts after the upgrade procedure. New layouts are based on CSS files - convex.css, default.css, ecommerce.css, fashion.css, marine.css and rainbow.css
To add a new layout please go to CMS > Designs, click the Add New link and fill the following fields there:
a) Layout Name - any name of your layout.
b) Style Name - one of the style names mentioned above, e.g. 'ecommerce', without extension.
c) Templates Directory: ./templates/user
d) Admin Templates Directory: ../templates/admin
Click the 'Add New' button and this layout will be added. You can do the same procedure for other layouts as well.