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General Questions

How many clients do you have?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to calculate the exact number because our product is available as a free version and we sell multi-license editions that could be shared by a lot of clients. read more...read more...

Images allowed for uploading to PDF invoices

At present, the PHP-based PDF generation facility in ViArt Shop supports only JPEG images. PDF lib based generation can use JPEG, GIF and PNG images, but will require an installation of a separate PDF library. So, we would recommend to use JPEG images for PDF invoices. read more...read more...

Can I use ViArt Shop on Mac computer

Yes, you can use any of ViArt products on Mac computers.

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What are ViArt Shop features, what is the difference between versions?

ViArt Software is distributed in four different packages:

Light version costs $149 (life time). Does not have Articles, Helpdesk, Forum and Manual modules.
Standard version costs $249 (life time). Does not have Helpdesk, Forum, and Manual modules.
Enterprise version costs $349 (life time). Includes all modules and features.
Standalone CMS costs $149 (life time). Does not have shop features.

We do offer a free version as well which is identical to commercial Enterprise version except a free evaluation note and the limitations on the amount of products, categories, articles, tickets.

Check our versions comparison table. read more...

How ViArt Shop works?

Users simply connect to your company's website, browse your offerings, select items that they want to purchase by inserting them into your "shopping cart" and then proceeding to "check-out", just as they would do in a regular store.
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Why ViArt Shop?

ViArt Shop has two main advantages: first it includes everything you need to build a serious shopping portal, second it's flexible and highly customizable. It means that you take ready-to-use solution and simply 'fit' it to meet your needs. And it also means that you don't need to do ANY programming at all - ViArt Shop allows changing everything via powerful web-interface. You can get more information on ViArt Shop features here. read more...read more...

What is ViArt Shop?

ViArt Shop is an e-commerce package available to install in PHP. It supports MySQL and PostgreSQL databases as well as ODBC connected databases. The goal of ViArt Shop is to create a system capable of performing all of the functions needed to do business online. read more...read more...

What server scripting languages does ViArt Shop support?

Currently only PHP (www.php.net) version of ViArt Shop is available to download. Future releases may include ASP and Perl versions. read more...read more...

What web-server do I need to install ViArt Online Shop?

Actually any web server that allows running PHP scripts would be fine. We would recommend using Apache web server (www.apache.org) as most reliable one. You might also consider using ViArt Hosting services (for more info see ViArt Hosting). read more...read more...

What databases does ViArt Shop support?

Currently (v.4.1) ViArt Shop supports MySQL (www.mysql.org) and PostgreSQL (www.postgresql.org) databases. read more...read more...

How and when updates are released?

New version is released every 4-8 months (depending on complexity of changes).

Sign up for our Newsletter to receive email notifications about new releases. See also "Releases" section of Members Area at www.viart.com read more...read more...

How to report bugs or problems?

You should submit a ticket via Support page at http://www.viart.com/support

Before clicking Send please remember to specify the following information:
1. Site URL of the shop where you got the error;
2. Description of your actions to reproduce the problem;
3. FTP access to the site;
4. Login and password to the Admin area of the site.
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How to get rid of the link: Free Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software by ViArt?

In order to get rid of the of the link 'Free Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software by ViArt' you have to buy a license (Light, Standard or Enterprise) and activate it at https://www.viart.com/activation.

Note, the purchase of the license will not require the re-installation of your database or shop. You just have to choose and buy the license that mostly suits your needs. We will send you the unique license number that you are to activate and put the license.php file in the 'includes' folder of your shop. And that's all.

If you decide to upgrade your license to a higher edition later, you will have to order upgrade version product via this page http://www.viart.com/upgrade_version.html and then regenerate the license file and replace it 'includes' folder. read more...read more...

How to update to the latest ViArt Shop version?

To update your shop to the latest version please do the below steps:
  • make a backup of all files in your current version
  • make a dump of your current database
  • download a new version from http://www.viart.com/php_shopping_cart_free_evaluation_download.html
  • unzip the archive with the new version and replace your old files with the new ones (except the ones you've modified, e.g. templates, styles, images)
  • copy the var_definition file from your backup 'includes' folder and paste it in the 'includes' folder of your new version
  • go to your Administration panel (Tools> System Upgrade) and click the Upgrade Database button
  • your shop is now updated to the latest version.

You can find more information in our online manual: http://www.viart.com/upgrade_step_by_step.html read more...read more...

What languages does ViArt Shop support?

At present ViArt Shop supports 33 languages, including French, Spanish, German, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Greek, Russian, Swedish and many more.

All messages are located in the 'messages' folder. For example for the English language they are located in the 'messages/en/' folder.

To add a new language you need to copy all message files into a new folder e.g. 'messages/da/' for Danish, and then add that language option to the static table 'languages' in the admin section.

We offer 30% discount for anyone who is willing to translate ViArt into another language for us.
Once you contact our support team we will send you all of the messages in an excel spreadsheet and after translation we'll make sure to add the language files to future releases of Viart Shop.

The messages are texts for labels and prompts which are used throughout the site. The messages do not of course include product descriptions, these must be entered manually in the language of choice. read more...read more...

Do you have a reseller program?

Yes, we do. To join our reseller program first you need to let us know how many copies of ViArt Shop you wish to purchase to start with. Then we will issue the necessary discount coupon.

The more versions you buy, the more discount you get. Please note this discount accumulates (if you buy 2 now and 2 more copies in 3 month time, it is counted as 4 versions); you do not need to buy all versions at once to get the discount.

Discount is as follows:
1-4 versions 20%
5-9 versions 30%
10 and more 40% read more...

How to make a redirect from yoursite.com to www.yoursite.com

If you haven't made a redirect from yoursite.com to www.yoursite.com, your customers may face problems with making orders if they enter www.yoursite.com instead of yoursite.com. In other words, they will add products, but when going to the checkout they will see that their basket is empty. In order to fix this you are to make the following steps, namely:

1. Create an empty file named '.htaccess' in your public_html_folder.

2. Fill it with the below text:

RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} ^80$
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^yoursite.com$
RewriteRule ^(/)?(.*) http://www.yoursite.com/$2 [R=301,L]

or an alternative text:

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^site.com$ [NC]
RewriteRule (.*) http://www.site.com/$1 [R=301,L,QSA]

3. Save the file, and enter the address: 'yoursite.com' in the browser's bar. If you have made the first two steps correctly, then you will see that yoursite.com is redirected to www.yoursite.com. This means that you have done the trick! read more...read more...

How to access an FTP via web browser

To access an ftp via web browser, please type the following address in the browser’s bar: ftp://your username@your_hosting.com and click enter. Then the browser will ask your login and password. Please, enter the login and password which you received in e-mail and you will get to the server.

Please note, some hosting providers do not allow access to FTP via web. read more...read more...

How to move an existing ViArt Shop from one host to another?

Should you decide to move your existing shop from one domain to another, please do the below steps:

1. Make a backup of all files
2. Create a full SQL dump of the entire ViArt shop database
3. Edit includes/var_definition.php file and check the following parameters:

Further, go to ViArt Admin -> System > Global Settings and change the Site URL field.

Please, do not forget to contact our support team to activate the new domain name - and re-generate a new license file. read more...read more...

How to set the default language

To change the default language into your own one, please open your var_definition.php. file, find the string: $default_language = "en" and change it from "en" to "tr", for example. Save the changes and access your site. Your default language will be the one you specified in var_definition.php. read more...read more...

What is the difference between 'Make this Product available for sales' & 'Approved ' options?

The purpose of the "Approved" button is to allow site administrator to approve or not approve products posted on his site by the merchants. When a product is posted by a merchant it is automatically added with "Not approved" status. As a site owner you can review product(s) and decide whether to approve it(them) or not.

The option "Make this Product available for sales" permits to choose whether to show your product on your site. read more...read more...

Add blocks to custom pages

Custom pages are created in CMS > Custom Pages. By default all custom pages use the blocks specified in CMS > Pages Layouts > Custom Pages. You can change that by clicking on CMS > Custom Pages > "Custom Layout" > Layout Type: Custom Page Layout".

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Options and sub-components in ViArt

Yes ViArt has the ability to add options/sub-components to products which allows you to have a dynamic price for a product based on the selected options. For example you could have a drop-down listbox listing the different domain name extensions, and based on which one is chosen, have the price change accordingly.

Here is the manual page for a fuller description of this feature:
http://www.viart.com/product_options_settings.html read more...

Why currency does not stay in GBP (£) but keeps changing to USD

Most likely the currency is changing when you log in under user which country is USA. Please go to Settings > System > Static Tables > Countries > Edit Country and remove 'Default Currency' value for USA. Also please make sure the pound currency on Settings > Orders > Currencies is checked as:
[v] user can choose this currency in which prices will be shown
[v] all prices shown by default in this currency read more...read more...