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What languages does ViArt Shop support?

At present ViArt Shop supports 33 languages, including French, Spanish, German, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Greek, Russian, Swedish and many more.

All messages are located in the 'messages' folder. For example for the English language they are located in the 'messages/en/' folder.

To add a new language you need to copy all message files into a new folder e.g. 'messages/da/' for Danish, and then add that language option to the static table 'languages' in the admin section.

We offer 30% discount for anyone who is willing to translate ViArt into another language for us.
Once you contact our support team we will send you all of the messages in an excel spreadsheet and after translation we'll make sure to add the language files to future releases of Viart Shop.

The messages are texts for labels and prompts which are used throughout the site. The messages do not of course include product descriptions, these must be entered manually in the language of choice.