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How to activate the blocks 'Products Related', 'Related Articles', Related Forums'

Please perform the below steps:

1. Add products (articles, forums) that you consider related to the product(s) via
Dashboard > Products & Categories > 'Related' link (located under the title of the product).

2. When this is done, go to CMS > Pages Layouts > Product Details Page where select the related block from the right hand menu and add it to some column.

3. When selecting the block 'Products Related' specify the number of items per page and the number of columns for the related products. This is done in the Settings section (click on 'tools' icon next to the block).

4. In the block ''Products > Related Articles', you can specify the number of articles, columns, image type, description and date.

5. In the block ''Products > Related Forums', you can specify the number of forum threads, columns, description, author information.

When all the settings are done, press the Save button and then 'Update'.