Our site www.viart.com site is operated by latest Viart Shop 5 with default Clear design
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How ViArt Shop Slider works?

1. Go to CMS > Sliders where create a new sliders group by clicking 'Add New'.

2. Specify the fields "Title" and "Name" of the block (one used as a block title on the front-end like Products Latest, Categories List etc. and another is the name of the block in CMS) and "Slider Height" (this is a required field where you need to specify the slider images height). You can also specify the Slider Width.

3. Next click 'Edit Slider Items' where add slider images to your block. There are possible two ways how you can add slides:
1) Upload an image and specify Slide URL.
2) Use 'HTML Code' to specify an image, its text and URL.

4. Go to CMS > Pages Layouts > click on some page and add a new slider block from 'Sliders' section (at the very bottom).

5. Note, Slider blocks in CMS have Width and Height settings as well, they pick up general settings from Sliders section. You override default settings in CMS block.