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ViArt User's Guide (Version 3.6)
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2.1. Activating PGP encryprion
2.1. Activating PGP encryprion
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This tutorial covers the following sections:

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PGP encryption (short for Pretty Good Privacy) is a public key encryption software program which allows to effectively protect order emails throughout Internet. Originally created in 1991, this program has become widespread all over the world and got thousands of supporters. ViArt shopping cart has integrated this feature through GnuPG tool starting from version 3.4. GnuPG stands for GNU Privacy Guard and is compatible with PGP. For more information on GnuPG please refer to: GnuPG site Back to top

Where to find the settings

PGP encryption is set via Administation > System > Global Settings > PGP tab. You will see such a screen:

Before typing necessary information in the fields shown on the image you need to make some preliminary configurations. See the next section.

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How to configure PGP encryption

To enable and test a pgp encryption please ensure you do the following steps:

1. Download GnuPG from here. For Windows server please download the exe file. Run the file to install the Gnupg software.

2. Once the installation is completed the next step is to set the key for the admin email. For this please generate the key-pair for the admin notification email - run the cmd command shell (introduced in Windows package) and type gpg --gen-key command line. You will be asked a few questions on the type of key you want to create, like it is shown below:

3. Once the key is generated you will see such information:

Note: If you already have generated keys, then either import from file (gpg --import) or import the key from the keyserver (gpg --search-keys admin@email --keyserver keyservername).

4. To check that the admin notification email is in the keys list (IMPORTANT!) please type the command line gpg --list-keys in your cmd command shell and press Enter. You will be presented with the following result:

Next step is to specify necessary information in the pgp settings of your shop. For this navigate to Administration > System > Global Settings and fill the fields:


GnuPG Binary path is the path to your executable GnuPG file (.exe file).

PGP Home Folder is the path to the folder where your generated gnupg key files are located, this folder should be a different one from the folder with the binary (.exe) file. The correct path should be taken from your cmd command shell.

PGP Temporary Folder is the folder where your encrypted and plain emails will be temporarily saved.

Note: We recommend to enable an option 'Create ASCII armored output instead of binary OpenPGP format' and test (on mail server, mail client etc). In case you fail to decode emails with the turned on ASCII output, then it is advisable to try a binary mode.

5. Finally navigate to Administration > Orders > Payment Systems, select the payment system you use and press the 'Payments Details Page' link. Scroll the page down to 'Administrator Email Notification' section and select 'Enable PGP encryption' option to be used for email notifications.

6. Now you can test sending email notifications with pgp encryption turned on. If you have any problems or questions feel free to contact our support team via support@viart.com Back to top


Where we can find more information on GnuPG

You can get more information: here

How to install GnuPG on Linux server

Please refer to this page to get information on installing the GnuPG on Linux.

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