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ViArt User's Guide (Version 3.6)
Please, see the list of all new features and fixed bugs that were made to all ViArt PHP Shopping Cart releases from version 2.1.1 up to the latest 3.5 version.
5.5. Images Restrictions
5.5. Images Restrictions
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Every product in ViArt Shop can have a tiny, small, large and super-sized image (see section 4.5.4). The general rules and restrictions for all product images are assigned in Products > Products Settings > 'Images' tab.

Images Settings

Default Image - when product doesn't have an image uploaded you can show in its place some default picture. For example, ViArt Shop offers the following default image:

If you don't want to show any default images, just clear 'Default Image' fields and click 'Update' at the bottom of the page.

In case you want to use your own default image, please upload it on the site via FTP client or CMS > File Manager and then specify the path to it in 'Default Image' field. The path could be either relative (.images/your_image.jpg) or absolute (/home/LOGINNAME/public_html/images/your_image.jpg) or you can just insert an URL here.

Please note, for every image type (tiny, small, large) you need to upload its own default image in appropriate size.

Open Large Image - This is a setting for a super-sized image, you can display it either in a popup window:

or in the active window:

JPEG Quality - This is a setting designed specifically for JPEG images, you can regulate the size of the resized JPEG images by setting the scale from 0 (worst quality) to 100 (best quality).

Administrators Images Restrictions

Administrators Images Restrictions - These restrictions are applied to product images uploaded by administrator.

Width x Height - These values are used when resizing products images.

For example, if you have an image with 500 x 600 px and you want to resize it to smaller images:

  • 1. go to Products > Products Settings
  • 2. tick off Always resize images if its dimensions exceed max values for all types of images (Tiny, Small, Large and Super-Sized)
  • 3. set Width x Height values for these images
  • 4. go to Products > Top > Edit Product > Images & Appearance tab
  • 5. click on Upload Image near the Super-Sized Image field.
  • 6. upload an image for your product in the pop-up window and tick off all Generate ... Image checkboxes.

After this your image will be automatically decreased to match the sizes you specified in the 'Products Settings'.

Please remember:

  • Image Resizing functionality allows to make smaller images out of bigger ones BUT not vice versa.
  • Image Resizing tool works based on GD library (a special server application ) so it must be enabled in order for Image Resizing to work. If it isn't enabled you will see an appropriate error message when trying to resize images.
  • Image Resizing is performed when you make an upload so if you need to change the default sizes for images, then do it via 'Products Settings' first and then upload images again on Edit Product Page.

Users Images Restrictions

Users Images Restrictions - These restrictions are applied to product images uploaded by merchants or the users who have rights to add products (see section 16).

Width x Height, Maximum filesize in bytes - These restrictions are applied to all users product images (both resized and not). Only if you leave these fields empty then user can upload images with his own sizes.

Always resize image if its dimensions exceed max values - This setting enables Image Resizing option for users product images. For example, if user uploads a large image (500 x 600 px) it is going to be automatically resized according to Large Image Width x Height values in 'Products Settings'.

Generate from large or super-sized - This option activates generating smaller images out of larger ones. Unlike images uploaded by administrators users don't need to select any 'Generate ... Image' checkboxes - just uploading either large or super-sized image will auto-generate smaller images.

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