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ViArt User's Guide (Version 3.6)
Please, see the list of all new features and fixed bugs that were made to all ViArt PHP Shopping Cart releases from version 2.1.1 up to the latest 3.5 version.
28.8. Articles FAQ
28.8. Articles FAQ
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I would like to be able to change the background of the block where my music videos are played on the articles. I'm going to guess this is the article detail block? either way... what's the .css style that would change this?

If you change the style for the article details block then it will apply to all your articles not only to music videos. Please note, it is possible to set background only for one category of articles. For this you need to:

  • copy the "block_articles_details.html";
  • make necessary changes in it;
  • name this file for example "block_articles_details_music_videos.html";
  • copy it to templates/user folder;
  • go to Administration > Articles > Music Videos > Edit Category and put in the 'Details Template' field like this:
    block_articles_details_music videos.html

Where can I find more info about how the Knowledgebase (in my chart) works and how to use it? I have managed to add a page under 'Administration > Web Pages', but when clicked it doesn't show any articles. I would like to see it in the 'USER-HOME PAGE' or anywhere where it belongs and can be searchable. Please direct me to some deeper info about this article function?

You can add an article to the Knowledge Base via Admininstration > Articles > Knowledge base > Add New. Also, if you want to make one of the tickets to be available for all your customers you can add an article to ViArt Knowledge Base using Knowledge Base option in ViArt Helpdesk (the entries copied to the Knowledge Base can be edited before they are inserted into the Knowledge Base.) To make Knowledge Base section available for your site users you are to add the link to this page to your main menu (see section 21.6) or to the footer (see section 21.7).

How to delete "read more" in articles?

In the block_articles_list.html, please comment:

<a class="buttonMore" href="{product_details_url}"><span><b>{READ_MORE_MSG}</b></span><img src="images/tr.gif" alt=""></a>

like this:

<!--<a class="buttonMore" href="{product_details_url}"><span><b>{READ_MORE_MSG}</b></span><img src="images/tr.gif" alt=""></a>-->

How to display a custom block or banner only for a specific article?

When adding a banner or a custom block in CMS you need to write in "Parameters" field "article_id=xx" where xx is the id of the required article.

How can I retrieve a list of most read articles for 2009?

We can advise you to go to Administration > System > DB Management, click on the "Run SQL Query" (in the upper right corner) and insert the below string there:
select * from va_articles where article_date >= '2009-01-01 'order by total_views desc limit 10

Then press the 'Run SQL query' button. You should receive a list of most viewed (read) articles in 2009.

How can I make the display on an article only display the DATE and not the time also? Is there something I need to do in the database or can I change it for one article type only?

Unfortunately, this kind of changes can't be done via admin and need to be edited in the code, to be more exact in all block scripts that have 'article' in their title.

Please I do not understand why my users cannot post articles even though it is enabled.

Unfortunately, users can't post their articles at the moment, only admin has such rights. But users can post ads, maybe you confused these two features.

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