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ViArt User's Guide (Version 3.6)
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4.5.7. Special Offer settings
4.5.7. Special Offer settings
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What are specials

Specials (or special items) are usually sales items for discounted price or some new products you want to attract your customers to.

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Special offer settings

To display specials on your site, firstly activate an appropriate option for an item(s) you want to advertise as special offer products.

For this go to Administration > Products > Top > Edit Product (selecting a product you want to add to your specials) > Special Offer tab. Select an option 'Add this Product to Special Offers section' and enter a text for a special offer (if any) using a WYSYWIG or Text Editor in the Special offer field (as shown on the image below):

Special Offer Settings

You can edit the text in many possible ways (highlight it, change the colour of the font, align the text, etc). When this is done, press the Update button to save the changes or Apply button to save the changes but stay on this Admin page.

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Adding a special offer block via CMS

After you activate an option 'Add this Product to Special Offers section' for the item(s) you want to display in a special offer block, next step is to add this block via CMS so it is shown on the site pages. For this go to Administration > CMS > Home page Layout, select 'Products (Special Offers) block from the list of available blocks and activate necessary options as shown on the image below:

Special Offer Block


  • Show Points Price displays the price in points for which a client can purchase a product.
  • Show Reward Points displays the sum (in percents or a fixed price) which a customer will get should he buy this product.
  • Show Reward Credits specifies the cost of the item if you have rewards credits available. Note: The above buttons appear in the block if you activate Points and Credits via Administration > Products > Products Settings.
  • Show 'Add to Cart' button allows you to add an item to the cart directly from the Special offer block.
  • Show 'View Cart' button gives possibility to view items that are already added to the cart.
  • Show 'Check out' button allows to proceed to checkout if your client want to process an order. Please note that this button appears in the block when you add at least one item to the cart.
  • Show 'Add to Wishlist' button gives ability to add an item to a wish list directly from the special offer block. Note: This button appears in the block only if your client is signed in on the site.
  • Quantity Control offers to select control display of quantity in the special offers block: none (no quantity selection is shown), label (only one value is displayed, without choices), listbox (a drop down menu with multiple choices is shown) and textbox (a textbox to enter your preferred number of items to purchase).

Select the options you want to show in your Special offers block and press the Update or Apply button to save the changes. You can add this block to other pages as well, like Product details, product listing, etc.

When this is done please check the site to see how the block will look like. View the below image as a sample:

Special Offer Site
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