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ViArt User's Guide (Version 3.6)
Please, see the list of all new features and fixed bugs that were made to all ViArt PHP Shopping Cart releases from version 2.1.1 up to the latest 3.5 version.
4.4. Products overview
4.4. Products overview
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This article covers the following settings:

Product search options

On Products & Categories page on the right hand side you can see the available products in the Top Category. To see the available products in another category, click on the Category Name on the left side.

Under Breadcrumbs you can see the Product Search Options that allow to filter products by availability in stock, by availability for sale, by "Approved" parameter, by category, by site (in case Multisite feature is activated) and of course, by keywords that you can type into the blank field near the Search button. You may search by one criteria or all of them like in the screenshot below.

Please note, you may also search by the item_id value, for example if you type into the search field the number '37' system will display in search results a product with item_id=37 (in its URL).

'Products' link under category

To add or remove products as well as change products order within a category it is convenient to use Products link under the Category Name.

It leads to admin_category_items page where using "+" and "-" buttons you can Add or Remove products from the category. Please note when you remove a product it is not deleted, it only becomes unassigned from this category. Clicking on the Product Name in the right hand section you can move the product Up and Down changing its position in the category. After completing the changes remember to click Update or Apply button.

Edit multiple products

Ticking the checkboxes on the left side from the Product Names allows to Edit or Delete multiple products at a time.
How does it work:
  • 1) tick the checkboxes of the products you would like to edit and click Edit Selected
  • 2) then tick the fields you need to edit and click Next at the bottom of the page
  • 3) change what you need to change and click Update.
Also with the help of the checkboxes it is possible to quickly update products status to Approved or Not Approved.

Change Products Order

To change the products order within a category you may use the Change Products Order link.

Using the Up and Down arrow buttons you can change the order of the products. By selecting the Product name and clicking on the Remove button this product will be hidden from that category and won't show up on the website (the Show on site setting on Edit Product page will be automatically unchecked). Removing a product from the list puts it in the Available Products section. You can add products back to the site by using the Add button. Once the changes have been done, click the Update button.

Admin sorting

There is a possibility to sort products in ascending or descending order by clicking on Product, Price or Quantity links. The Product link will sort products alphabetically,  Price will sort products by the List Price and Qty by the Quantity in Stock. After clicking on one of these links you will see a small arrow image which indicates in what order the products are showing now.

Please note this sorting is visible only on admin side and is temporary which means when you close the window or click on another category the order will be back to like it was before.

Export options

Below products you can see a row with different Export options.

Export All - exports all products within the shop.

Export Filtered () - exports products from the current category. Please note the checkboxes do not have any influence on this link, it will always export all products from the current category (the number of which is shown in the brackets).

Import Products - allows to upload your own CVS file with products information into the system.

Import Products Downloadable - currently products downloadable settings need to be uploaded separately via this link.

To Export Downloadable settings first click on either Export All or Export Filtered link where above export fields you will see an option Downloadable, clicking on it will display the next export screen with Downloadable fields.

Google Base Export - on clicking this link you will be offered to download an XML file with all Google Base products in the shop.
Note: Before pressing the 'exporting' button, please ensure that you selected Google Base Product Type on the Edit Product page and on the Products Settings Page. It is not allowed to leave "Not Exported" option for a Google Base Type.

Please see section 20 for more information on Google Base Exporting feature.

Google Base Filtered() - will generate an export file with Google Base products from the current category.

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